Tyres is something that can make or break the vehicle. Hence it is important to invest in good quality tyres rather than end up in a big trouble. The Genie Group Australia is one such platform to buy cheap tyres with extremely nice quality. Established in 1999, The Genie Group has been one sure shot place to offer maximum variety in tyres with a record of best quality in the latter. With strong success in export and import and wholesale in many different fields and products, The Genie Group still serves the same way with the prime motto of customer satisfaction. The Genie Group provides tyres of, basically, all kind. But we have some other services under us too.

Our services included

  • Aluminum Truck Wheels: With a large range of aluminum truck wheels to offer in steer, drive and trailer, we mainly stock 22.5 inch truck wheel rims. We provide full range of bus and truck wheels through our own manufacturing plants all over the world.
  • International Tyre Trading & wholesale: We excel in providing premium tyres from top le vel brands all over the world. Our company is an experienced tyre exporter and wholesaler since 1999.
  • Alloy Wheels: We have a track record of exporting certified alloy wheels which are approved and authorized to be supplied as OEM compatible by European Union Court system.
  • International Liquor exporter: Apart from rims and wheels, we also are one of the most reliable services for liquor. We have access to beer, wine, vodka, scotch whisky amongst countless other spirits, liquors and liqueurs.
  • Warehouse Material & Packaging Wholesale: With the belief to contribute to the eco friendly environment, Genie Group also deals in recycled plastic products such as warehouse export & re-usable plastic pallets, pallet stretch film shrink wrap film rolls, film roll dispensers.